ShoonTH will never compromise on the principle of pursuing “true, accurate, and rich” sound. It researches and develops cutting-edge technologies regardless of cost.The brand reduces transmission distortion and focuses on wider, faster transmission channels. ShoonTH is known for its innovative high-fidelity cables, designed with a complex wire-base structure only achievable through handcrafting by experienced craftsmen. This manual process allows for customized tuning, making each cable a work of art with soul, akin to high-end musical instruments. When using ShoonTH cables, you will feel the passion and enthusiasm put into them.

Exact Express

Exact Express The name of the brand shows its core concept: the restoration of the ultimate music details pursued by modern high-fidelity audio. In the opinion of the founder, audio is a product of the era of cutting-edge technology and artistic civilization, and transmission is one of the most important links in a high-fidelity audio system. Shoon believes that most of the restoration, distortion and playback errors are generated in the wires. Therefore, making the design aesthetics and cutting-edge technology simuftaneously displayed in the audio wires is the core design concept of the Exact Express brand.

The brand targets young audiophiles with a focus on both auditory and visual requirements. Its design features a visually appealing language that conveys its acoustic concept through soft and simple lines, allowing the public to experience the designer’s vision through different senses.

Company History

Mr. Shoon designed and built his first generation of cables. At that time his cables were mainly made of copper and copper alloy along with multi-channel composite technology and double shielding technology.


He produced the second generation of wire products using copper and pure silver as the main materials. The second generation of products added air insulation technology and absorbing ring technology.


Mr. Shoon opened an experience center in northern China dedicated to listening to and selling his own cables.


Mr. Shoon's research led to a major innovation of his cables when he started using a new material, single crystal silver-coated gold. Silicone was used to make the vibration isolation layer of the wire making the wire extremely soft and insulated from vibration. At the same time, the third-generation adopted frequency-divided conduction technology for the first time, dividing the conduction core into high-frequency and low-frequency cores.


Registered brand Extraordinary Sound (formerly used).

April 2015

The ShoonTH brand was registered in the United States and in China at the same time.


the fourth generation of cables were launched. This revolutionary new cable line, used ShoonTH's exclusive technology, an absorbing bracket technology to suspend the wire core in the silicone shockproof cavity. At the same time, the fourth-generation wire also uses ShoonTH's three-stage -196°C freezing patented technology.

On the same year 2017

Shunshi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China.

October 2019

ShoonTH's new line of cables named the Exact Express was officially launched. Design aesthetics and cutting-edge technology are on display in this unique Exact Express line of cables.


The fifth-generation of ShooTH cables came out. The new core material smelting process was optimized along with the production process of single-crystal silver-clad gold conductors. In addition a series of palladium-gold conductors, as well as four layers of materials. Electroplating process audio connectors, technological innovation: the second generation of wave-absorbing bracket technology, and the optimization technology of the conductive frequency core structure.

At the same year 2021

The ShoonTH brand looks forward to bringing these incredible technologies and innovations to the international hiff market. Allowing more people to know and experience ShoonTH, a niche brand that focuses on producing high-quality hifi cables.

Now 2023

Brand Founder

Brand founder Mr. Shoon is a former electrical engineer and Hifi enthusiast. He has researched metallurgy, conduction, electromagnetic interference, mechanical vibration interference, and shielding technology. Over 15 years, Mr. Shoon has developed unique insights into cable design and construction to achieve the highest levels of clarity and musicality. He believes that most errors and distortions in sound systems occur in the wire, and that a high-quality HiFi cable should have truth, accuracy, and richness. Mr. Shoon aims to solve sound system conduction distortion through his experience. He views music as an art form and the sound system as a tool to restore its emotions, so HiFi cables should have ultra-low distortion and high conductivity while also being works of art expressed through design and construction.

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