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The -196°C three-stage low-temperature freezing treatment technology

A patented technology invented by Mr. Shoon. It differs from common freezing technologies in that it can perform complete freezing of the entire finished wire (including the plug), not just the core part of the frozen wire . This patented process takes more than 72 hours to complete. Conductors treated with three-stage low-temperature freezing technology can effectively improve the metal grain gap and structure, and greatly improve the probability of electron scattering, thereby improving electrical conductivity. The wire material processed by the three-stage l ow-temperature freezing technology will further increase the amount of music information, increase the overall quality of the sound, and restore the details of the music by a significant amount.

Multi-channel matching technology

A utility model patent technology (structural design patent) invented by Mr Shoon. This technology mainly combines wire core materials of different diameters and wire core materials of different materials into a whole wire base combination, and guarantees the consistency of conduction improves the conduction rate. This technique can be used to change the impedance coefficient of the cable. Multi-channel matching technology can effectively reduce the impedance coefficient of the entire cable, thereby effectively increasing the conductivity. The biggest feature of this technology is that it can change the capacitive reactance and inductive reactance of the cable according to different combinations, so as to play a role in tuning. Cables using multi-channel compliance technology will have stronger low frequencies and brighter high frequencies, and the background noise of the sound will be significantly reduced.

Frequency division conduction technology

A patent invented by Mr Shoon. According to the conduction characteristics of the frequency signal, the conduction signal is divided into high-frequency channels and low-frequency channels, and signals of different frequencies are divided into different conduction wire cores to ensure the quality of signal transmission. A single core can also conduct full-band signals, but the diameter data of the wire core determines that the most suitable frequency for this wire core is fixed, so the overall sound will be more biased towards the frequency that this wire diameter is better at transmitting, thus losing the full-frequency range. For wires using frequency division conduction technology, there will be several sets of wire diameter combinations suitable for different frequency conduction coefficients. These data come from mathematical models. The frequency division conduction technology will make the whole frequency band sound more balanced, and reduce the peaks and valleys of the frequency band curve. Further exhibiting higher-definition broadband signals.

The wave-absorbing bracket technology

Also a patent invented by Mr. Shoon. It uses materials with ultra-high electromagnetic wave absorption to make a ring-shaped bracket. There is no contact between the wire core and the silicone tube other than the contact point of the bracket. At the same time, different bracket models can be selected to absorb electromagnetic interference in different frequency bands. This technology can effectively absorb electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration interference. Electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration interference can make music noisy, loose and hazy especially at low frequencies. At high frequencies it can sound harsh and sharp. The sound stage becomes less clear and there is a loss of music authenticity, and emotion. After using the absorbing bracket technology, electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration are effectively controlled, the high frequencies will be slender and bright, the low frequency will be cohesive and powerful, the separation of instruments will be significantly improved, and the positioning will be accurate, making the music extremely real.

Double shielding technology

It allows the core to have two shielding forms at the same time, five-layer shielding structure. Effectively reducing the negative impact of electromagnetic interference on the signal transmission. The double shielding technology can effectively reduce background noise, improve the music sound field and positioning confusion caused by electromagnetic interference. This makes the sound image clearer, and the music more listenable and emotional.

The wave-absorbing ring technology

Invented by Mr Shoon too. It is mainly used to absorb the electromagnetic interference and negative charge accumulation generated by HiFi audio equipment when playing music. The wire with absorbing ring will block the transmission of electromagnetic interference and absorb the negative charge interference that cannot be discharged from the grounding point. The wire equipped with absorbing ring technology can make the music background more quiet and dark, and make the horizontal width and vertical depth of the sound stage clearer and more accurate.

The air insulation technology

It reduces the direct contact surface between the core and the insulator. Most of the surface area of the conductor is covered by air, which can effectively reduce the capacitive effect caused by the insulator absorbing the charge. The sound of wires using air insulation technology will be clearer and more real; the speed, energy, and positioning accuracy of the sound will be better improved, and the music details will be relatively richer.

The Silicone technology

ShoonTH originally use silicone shockproof sleeve. This production method can make the whole cable softer, and more resistant to high temperature and high pressure. It can greatly absorb vibration and reduce vibration transmission. It makes the whole cable have better insulation coefficient. The background noise of the sound will be significantly reduced. The music will be more clear and clean. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to use silicone shockproof sleeve to complete the entire wire in the process of wire production. This production method also reflects the exquisite technical level of ShoonTH, which is not found in other brands of wire


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